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God and popcorn April 15th 2021

Hello again,

Who do you follow?

This question means different things to different people. It might mean the people we know and admire and try to be like. If we use social media it might mean that we take an interest in the lives of people who put details about themselves, their opinions and their lives on Facebook or Twitter or other platforms. The difference can be how much we trust what they say. When we know people we can ask them questions about why they do or think or believe certain things. This helps us to decide if we agree with them.


Child reading

At the beginning of March, Rev Mary talked about questions in our Collective Worship. She talked about Jesus asking people to follow him and how he asks us to follow as well.

She also brought us the last part of Hepzibah’s story on Easter Day. This part of the story told us how the first followers of Jesus felt and what they did after his resurrection. They had followed Jesus during his life and they continued to follow him and help others to know what that meant. Hepzibah’s story talked about the change that knowing Jesus caused in his followers; how he was a role model for them; how he worked within them; how they became more like Jesus as they tried to live as he had; how the Holy Spirit equipped them to do things they could never have imagined before they followed Jesus.



Think about people who teach you different things. Sometimes they will give you an answer when you ask a question. Sometimes they will ask questions to find out what you think or to help you to find out the answer for yourself. There are many stories in the Bible where people asked Jesus questions. Very often he did not give a straightforward answer (especially when they were trying to trick or test him). Instead he answered questions by asking another question or telling a story so that people worked out answers for themselves. His followers must have been quite frustrated sometimes! Try asking some questions and noticing the types of answer you get.


following a lead

What qualities in people do you think are important? What qualities do you have that are a good example to others? Do you have younger brothers or sisters or cousins or friends who look up to you and follow what you do? This is quite a big responsibility. If other people look up to us, we need to behave in a way we would want them to.

The template is from some research that was done about what qualities young people admire in others. Think about people you admire or follow (either people you know or on social media). Do they fit with one or more of the qualities?

Think about some of the stories you know about Jesus. Can you find at least one story that matches what Jesus said or did to each one of the qualities.

If you need a hint, try some of these: John 2.1-11; Matthew 4.1-11; Luke 5.1-11; Luke 8.40-56; Mark 6.31-46.

The links will take you to the story in pictures or you can read them for yourself in your Bible.


A prayer about following Jesus:

Lord Jesus, I believe you are the Son of God. Thank you for becoming one of us. Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. Thank you for rising from the dead to give me hope and the gift of eternal life. Please grant me your Holy Spirit so that I may know you, love you and follow you every day of my life.


Please continue to take great care of yourselves. Maybe we will be able to get together soon.

Alison and Angie