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God and popcorn April 22nd 2021

Hello again,

What do you think of when someone says the word ‘green’?

This is the question that Rev Mary asks at the beginning of Collective Worship this week. You may have seen her video already but she comes up with some of her ideas and asks us to do the same. It might be the colour your favourite Rugby team play in; the colour of your favourite vegetable; the colour pen you like to write in; the colour you would dye your hair if you could…

Child reading

Rev Mary goes on to explore different meanings of ‘green’. She talks about different shades of green in painting, being new at something, being unwell, gardening and environmental issues. She didn’t give us a specific reading but you might want to go to the very beginning of your Bible and read about God creating everything in Genesis, chapter 1.

Life skills tree

During the past year you might have been able to try out new skills. Maybe you started to help with the cooking at home, maybe you started a new hobby or took more responsibility for pets. Or maybe you started to take part in our online Worship. Did you feel ‘a bit green’ about these new things to start with? How does it feel now? Did it get better with time and with practice? How can you increase your confidence or use your skill in a new way?

Flower in a pot

Also during the past year our green spaces have become very important to us. That might be our gardens where we have worked with nature to grow food or flowers or have created homes for insects or other animals. We have also enjoyed getting out for walks in the fresh air and noticed the changing seasons and the beauty of the natural world. We have been able to feel that we were close to God in the world he has created.

Rythm of Life characteristics, celebration, creativity, encouragement, prayer, reflection, resting, sharing

Were you with us during Advent (before Christmas) and do you remember the Rhythm of Life activities we joined with from the Diocese of Leeds? You can check back to December’s God and Popcorn to find out more if you have forgotten or have joined us more recently. Or you can look at the ideas for Easter here, remembering that the season of Easter lasts for 40 days. The activities showed us ways to look after our Spiritual health by developing habits that will help us to recognise and worship God in our everyday lives. Our lives are beginning to get busier again and it is easy to forget the habits we started to follow.

Which habits did you enjoy most – can you revisit them to see what has changed from something that was strange and new to a part of your everyday? If you started but didn’t continue, it doesn’t matter. If you think it is still something you would like to do, just start again. If you think you can make something else work better for you, start that instead. Remember it is better to start small and build up gradually.

Can you think of how you can take your habit out into a green space to use nature to help you to feel close to God?


We could use this prayer about creation this week:

Everlasting God,
we thank you for this glorious creation, the earth, with all its richness and beauty, which You have given to us to care for and protect. Help us to recognise you at work in it and to play our part in protecting it.

Lots of events will be happening outdoors this year. Look around for the beauty of the natural world.

Alison and Angie